About me professionally…

I set my business up in 2016 as a VA but then I realised I really liked the social media management side of things so…

I retrained as a social media manager and in April 2019 I graduated from the Digital Mums’ Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing course.

But I wasn’t finished so I enrolled on the Digital Mums’ Becoming a Certified Social Media Trainer Course. 

And now I offer awesome workshops and social media training sessions to help female business owners get to grips with all things social media.


In 2020 I challenged myself to learn even more and completed not one, but two Facebook Ads courses:

  • Emma Van Heusen’s Facebook Adcelerator
  • The Two Laura’s Facebook Ads Manager

More badges: 

In 2022 I decided to retrain again as a coach and did so through Andrea Callanan’s Aligned Coaching Academy. I am also a certified Andrea Callanan Storywork Practitioner.

My mission is to support and guide female entrepreneurs through the world of social media. Help them become more visible and  get clarity on their message and build so that their businesses and confidence will grow.

About me personally…

I love music, movies, reading, coffee and social media. 

I have a lot of CDs, DVDs and books. That first cup of coffee is very important to me and I daren’t look at my average screen time.