Before Christmas I set aside some time to plan for 2022. Well, no-one wants to go into a new year with no idea of what they are going to do.

And I was determined to go into the new year with clarity, more than I have had in previous years anyway.

Planning is great, intentions are also very important. They give you an idea of what you want to achieve and where you want to be at the end of the year.

Basically, for me planning is looking ahead and letting myself know what I am going to be doing when, and knowing the work that I will need to do to support those plans. Intentions are more about where I’d like to be and what I’d like to achieve and I can check myself against these at various times throughout the year (they keep the plans in check).

What have I got planned? 

I tried not to over complicate things by allocating one main thing to focus on each month. My plans include:

⭐X4 social media workshops for VAs and OBMs

⭐X2 social media challenges to help VAs and OBMs get more visible

⭐X2 new product launches

⭐X4 focus areas for my social media marketing based on my user personas

What are my intentions?

Turns out I have loads of intentions for 2022, because I want to make this year a huge success. I may fulfil them all or I may decide to focus on a select number of them (again for keeping it simple). My intentions include:

⚡Grow my email list

⚡Open my Facebook group

⚡Increase my income

⚡Create a digital product

I think between them all there’s enough to keep me going.

Have you set your intentions and made your plans for 2022? 

PS I have to confess to something. One of my goals for 2021 was to read 3 business books. I started all 3 and have got half-way through one of them, so I’m still working on that one (although I have plans to complete that one this year).