This isn’t a service thing, I’m not adding anything new in that respect. It’s something I should have sorted out properly yonks ago. I didn’t partly because of confidence issues and partly because I didn’t know where to start.

And what is it?

A proper onboarding process.

Following a couple of recent experiences I thought it was time to get this nailed. And so I invested in a workshop and have started to put things in place.

I mean, already, it feels much more professional and should reduce the risk of confusion, lack of information and allow all parties to know what is going on right from the start.

Three of the main points I’ll talk about here are:

Pre-qualifying clients 

This is all about finding out if they are even right for you from the start and how you can tell. Well, what I have done is included a few questions on my Calendly booking form for potential clients to answer and I have a separate version in Google Forms. This way they have certain information upfront, such as what my rates start at and can qualify themselves.

Terms of business 

What I have done here is modify a Fun & Fair Policy template to suit my requirements and have created a hidden page on my website and have it in a PDF format. This document will be uber helpful as it outlines things like work times, holidays, values, contact, scope of work and all that juicy stuff.

Onboarding questionnaire

Another hit for Google Forms here. I think this one is going to be a game changer. This form allows me to ask all the questions to get the information I need to start working with a client from the absolute best possible place. And will ensure I don’t forget to ask for anything I need before starting, such as brand guidelines, user personas, passwords (shared via LastPass) and access to everything. 

The best thing about this development is having a process to follow rather than feeling like I’m winging it or floundering during a discovery call or when onboarding a client. 

And I hope that they then feel like they are in very capable hands, because they are  🤩


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