This week I discovered something! I feel I may be slightly late to the party but I’m here now. And let me know if you are already in the know 😉

What am I talking about? Well, Instagram Guides.

You may have seen them on some accounts over the last 12 months (the Covid Era) on health and wellness accounts, so that they could provide support and resources for anyone who may be struggling.

Anyway, Instagram has now rolled this feature out to everyone (obvs with a rollout it may take time for everyone to get access to it).

What are Guides?

Guides are curated content on Instagram, that users can save and share with their followers. It’s another super useful way to spread the word and keep the community feel alive.

Similar to other platforms when you create a Guide you can add a caption to explain what it’s about and your thoughts.

What can I create Guides about?

Currently, Guides have to follow a certain format, well 3 really. Which means you can choose between the following:

  1. Places – places near you, places you’ve been, places you love, anywhere really that you want to recommend to your followers
  2. Products – this format is used for recommending products available in an Instagram shop 
  3. Posts – and this is kind of what it says on the tin. Bear in mind though that you can curate posts that you have created and that others have created too

In a way it’s kind of like stories and stories highlights on steroids and definitely could come in useful if you want to be known as the account to go to for useful information!

How do I create Guides?

The same way as you would create posts, reels, IGTV and all that good stuff: click on the plus sign in the top right of your screen.

Where do Guides live? 

If an account has guides then there will be an icon that looks like an open book just above the image grid – click on it to view the Guides

Apparently they can also be found in the Explorer Page, but I haven’t seen any (happy to be given more info about this though)

What can I do with Guides?

Because it’s social media and the emphasis is always on social, you can share them! Either to stories or direct to other users.

I have to admit, I’ve only spotted a few accounts with Instagram Guides, these being mainly Social Media Managers but I’m definitely going to have a go at creating some on my account.

And I’ll keep looking at the Guides on other accounts to see what I can learn!


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