laptop keyboard with glowing lightbulb next to it, text reads my two pieces of advice for instagram* *I'm under no illusion that they will take notice

I have some advice for Instagram. So I’m taking a moment here to jump out of my lane a little bit. Just a slight detour but I feel that I need to get this out there.

Disclaimer: I’m 100% sure Instagram knows what it’s doing. However, here are two areas I think they should be working on improving right now:

Draft Reels

The issue: I can’t see my clients’ draft Reels and they can’t see mine. 

The fix: Allow everyone working on an account to access draft Reels for that account.

The reason: currently only the person who creates the draft can see them. This is not helpful when working with clients on their Instagram account. 

There are workarounds including creating a basic Reel on an app like Canva or InShot which the client adds to and posts. Alternatively, create the Reel in full and screen record it. Then send to the client for approval. Or create Reels without the client being involved at all.

But these can be clunky or don’t achieve the full level of visibility that Reels can allow. Also we need a solution that saves time and allows more collaboration between client and SMM.

Scheduling Reels. 

The issue: It isn’t possible to schedule Reels yet. 

The fix: Make it possible for us to schedule Reels (using the Instagram app).

Here’s why: I know people who batch create Reels and leave them in their drafts. This is because they don’t want to post them, they forget about them, they don’t have the accountability*. If they’d been able to schedule those Reels or if they had an SMM who could schedule their reels for them, well, ‘Gamechanger’.

In case it helps, the way I deal with this at the moment is: I plan my Reels monthly and include the topic of the Reel. Then I collect trending audio on the regular to fit. Finally I set an event reminder in Google Calendar with notifications to remind me when to create or post the Reel or draft Reel. 

The benefits of both of these changes

🤩More collaboration 

🤩More happy clients 

🤩More time efficient working

🤩More visibility

🤩More love from me to Instagram

What’s your take on this? Hit reply to let me know if you think these would be super helpful to you and why.

*Speaking of accountability – how are you with yours when it comes to posting Reels? And is this something I can help you with?