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There’s gonna be some changes around here. But don’t worry they will be good ones.


If you watch my live videos on Instagram on Fridays you’ll have seen me talking about a new thing I’m doing. 

What are the changes?

I have just started training to be a coach, and I’m super mega excited about it.

My training is with the wonderful Andrea Callanan and her Aligned Coaching Academy.

 I chose this because I’ve worked with Andrea before and have complete and total trust in her and the process. 

As part of this I will be offering some pro-bono coaching sessions and some sessions at a beta rate.

💛💛💛I’d absolutely love to be able to help you become more consistent and figure out why you avoid being visible online 💛💛💛

A little bit more about the coaching accreditation

The coaching training I’m doing will give me an Institute of Leadership & Management accreditation (I’ll have letters after my name)

In order to achieve this I am required to complete 75 coaching hours and this is where you come in.

I have a fabulous pro bono offer of x4 coaching sessions over 4 weeks. 

And you have a week to take me up on it. 

Click here to say YES PLEASE!!!


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