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Let me tell you a secret. For ages I was feeling a bit inconsistent. 

I used to be a VA and then I transitioned over to being a social media manager but my business name didn’t really reflect this.

Here’s why…

When I started out as a VA the name Alternative Admin seemed perfect. I’m kinda alternative and I did admin and it was an alternative to getting your admin done

Brilliant, no?

Well things changed, as they do and the name needed to as well

So I swapped the Admin part for Social and now I am Alternative Social.

And here’s another secret – one of the reasons I avoided changing it was because I knew I would have to update my website domain too and the last time I did that I really messed it up. 

Long story short, as expected it wasn’t straightforward buuuuuuut it’s now all updated and official 


I have capacity for a new social media management client. If you're looking for someone ace (and all the other things listed above) to manage your social media then book a discovery call to talk through which package would be best for you by clicking on the image 👆🏻


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