If you’ve seen the Barbie film you’ll know that Barbie had a huge awakening in her life. Life in plastic stopped being so fantastic and so she set off on a journey to find the truth. To find her authentic self.

And in this journey she found out that all is not great in the world, the patriarchy needs smashing, having emotions is wholesome and water actually splashes.

What’s interesting to me is that the film has a strong feminist agenda (love it) and yet it seems to be reduced in some ways to being about dressing in pink. I suppose the message here is: dress how you want to dress.

What’s also interesting is how some people have reacted to the message of the film, stating that it’s a film about hating men. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s a film that holds up the patriarchy, and the way that society has been structured for thousands of years, and shows it for the destructive force that it is.

Too much of the masculine energies of logic and power and not enough feminine energies of nurturing and transformation.

When we think about success, we think of it in terms of money and power, but what if success was more about empathy, understanding and change? 

I think that the more we are living as our authentic selves, accepting who we really are, the more we will feel whole and that is a successful person. 

If you’re spending your days living a life that is not aligned with who you truly are, you will feel anxious, stuck, out of sync, frustrated. I know because this is absolutely how I was feeling before I acknowledged that I was choosing a seemingly easy path that in reality made me feel rubbish about myself every day.

Ask yourself, what in your life is making you feel these things? What do you need to let go of in order to create a more aligned life for yourself?  

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