One of the main issues that I hear business women talking about when it comes to their social media is being consistent with it.

Maintaining a good level of consistency seems almost unattainable. Is this something that you find you have trouble getting to grips with?

Why do you find it hard to be consistent?

Is it because you find it boring? Maybe you have no real plan or framework to build your consistency around? 

I know that you want to  keep the routine going. So you’re going to achieve this? How can you make it interesting enough to ensure that you get those tasks done and stay consistently visible?

Here’s how I do it: I treat every month’s social media as a project.

The projects

Each project has:

✨a beginning stage (PLANNING)

✨ a middle stage (CREATING)

✨ an end stage (SCHEDULING)

My focus is on the scheduled tasks for that week, so that I avoid feelings of overwhelm.

The 4-week plan

Completing each project is loads easier when using my 4-week plan:

WEEK 1: Plan your content for the following month

WEEK 2: Create your content: imagery / photos / graphics / reels etc

WEEK 3: Write your captions, add your hashtags

WEEK 4: Schedule your content

Don’t forget to reward yourself once you’ve completed each project: a fancy coffee, take an hour off and go for a walk, some cake, whatever brings you joy, as a super well done 👏🏻

Your all-in-one, super organised, social media planner.

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