Sometimes we can spend hours and hours in Canva creating graphics for our social media posts. 

I mean, we can, right? 

I think there’s a phrase for this, it’s called ‘faffing about in Canva’.

What if I told you that there was a solution? A way in which you could get in and out quickly, with minimal effort, bulk create your posts and still have some fabulously beautiful and completely on brand graphics?

Top Tip

Use templates for your graphics and update with your brand colours. Have 3-5 different templates and vary them. It helps A LOT if you want to create images quickly and keep them looking consistent on your feed.

Now let’s delve a little deeper (humour me) and talk about where you can get the templates from.

Canva Templates

Canva has loads of templates already set up. You can find them in the left hand side menu that appears when you create a new design.

PROs: they have been created by graphic designers

CONs: It’s possible that lots of other people may be using them too

Canva Designs

You could always start with a completely blank screen on Canva and create your own templates that will fit your brand.

PROs: They’ll be totally your design 

CONs: They may take a while to design (especially if you’re not a designer)

Bought Templates

There are businesses out there that create templates for you that can be uploaded into Canva and modified by you as you want.

PROs: You don’t have to spend ages creating these designs, it’s all been done for you and you won’t be tempted to change to using different templates because you’ve paid for these

CONs: You have to pay for them 

Something exciting

Now a little bird tells me that someone is planning on creating a bank of templates for Virtual Assistants to use in the New Year. I wonder who that may be.

I’d love to know if this is something you would be interested in. Hit reply and let me know.


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