I had a coaching call on Tuesday and my coach invited me to do something that really put me out of my comfort zone.

Interestingly, it wasn’t to go live on social media. It wasn’t to speak in front of a crowd of people, or contact someone I don’t know. All of these things are out of my comfort zone – even the going live.

It was to rest.

She identified almost immediately that my energy was low and proceeded to detail all of the things I had done recently. 

And she was right. Over the past few weeks I have taken a ton of action. I’ve made plans and have seen them through. 

I’ve upped my visibility and promoted myself A LOT on social media.

All of this whilst running a business, being a single parent, running a household and being me at the same time.

My response

I resisted the idea of resting at such a busy time. However, I rose to the challenge and I sat on the sofa for the afternoon.

My Takeaways

My takeaways from this invitation are:

  1. This is why coaches are valuable for business owners. They will see things from a different perspective. It’s their job to identify any gaps and challenge their clients to see them, fill them or take action to bring alignment back into their lives or businesses.
  2. It’s ok to rest. If you don’t, your energy won’t be right. How you show up will be misaligned. You’ll feel wrong. You’ll end up being inconsistent and you won’t attract those all important aligned clients.

The main reason why she challenged me was so that I would be able to recharge and boost my energy to be ready for delivering my workshop the following day to members of my Facebook group.

I rested, my energy shifted and the workshop was a success. 

My challenge

My challenge for you: if you’re at a point where you’re aware that your energy has shifted and you need a rest to recharge – take it. Sit for an hour in silence at least once a week. 

Is that out of your comfort zone?


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