This time last year I was publishing blog posts but I didn’t have an email list.

I decided to write and schedule my December blogs so that I didn’t have to do any work over the Christmas break 

I figure we have 3 options for creating and sharing content over Christmas (and any other holidays):

Schedule it

You can create and schedule social media, emails and blogs in advance so that your content will still be published even when you aren’t officially working. This year I have scheduled all of my social media posts for December ahead of time. 

Do it as you go along

Maybe you are still working, but have reduced your hours to take some time off (Christmas Day, anyone). You can continue to post content / blogs / send emails in ‘real time’. I would still recommend a good dose of planning though, to avoid overwhelm.

Take a break

You are allowed to take a break. If doing the work (even in advance) is causing any form of overwhelm, it’s ok to make the choice to not do it. I have decided to take a break from sending out emails / publishing blogs over Christmas this year and it’s a load off to be honest. Also, remember that other people will most likely be taking a break as well, so they may not even be checking their emails. However, I would advise that you let people on your email list know that you won’t be sending anything out over the holidays.

Possible 4th option – do a mixture

Obviously these options aren’t set in stone and you need to do whatever suits you and your circumstances.

For example:  

✔ I have already scheduled social media posts

❓ I may post on social media ‘on the fly’ if I decide to (but there’s no pressure) 

✖ I won’t be sending out any emails or publishing blog posts over the Christmas break

I’m hoping you will be getting a proper break. I will be thinking of all the informative and helpful content I can to share with you next year.

So until then, have a fabulous break, rest, wind down, reduced hours and I’ll see you on the flipside.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year! 


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