In 2020 I wrote a blog post all about how great I am in Canva at creating content 😉. 

Since then I’ve been honing my skills and continuing to create some eye-catching imagery for clients’ social media.

And I often receive feedback from clients telling me how people they know have said how good their feed is looking.

I know that this part of the process (the creative bit) can be a sticking point for some business owners.

It takes time. You have to be feeling ‘in the zone’. or maybe, you don’t have confidence in your design skills.

Well, luckily for you, I’m pretty good at it whether I’m in the zone or not. I have time to focus on your graphics and I’m pretty confident that I can create great images. 

What’s included in this content package.

✔ You provide me with content prompts 

✔ I will create the graphics for you.

✔ Captions may also be included.

✔ Your peace of mind that you have consistent content and looks great. 

What isn’t included in this content package.

❌ No engagement or strategy.

❌ No guarantees re. Sales.

❌ No scheduling.

As always, your package is bespoke for you and your goals.

Sign up to this new content package and get amazing content without you having to log into Canva.  


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