‘When someone starts talking about feeding the kids breakfast, you know they’re in overwhelm.’

This is what my Mastermind coach, Andrea Callanan, said to me on Wednesday after I expressed how I had been feeling recently.

In this Mastermind I have the opportunity every week to put a question forward to be coached on. For this meeting, I couldn’t think of anything but at the same time, I had ALL the questions.

Why overwhelm?

As I expected, the overwhelm was to do with control and whether I felt as though I had any or not.

The BIGGEST takeaway was that I don’t really have control over anything except myself and how I show up and respond to things.

For example, my children. There’s some issues at the moment with regards to behaviour (because kids) and the conversation today highlighted to me that it’s my responsibility to be the safe place for my children. 

The answers

So I have to make sure that I have ways / tools / resources that I can access to achieve a more balanced way of being.

How does this relate back to what I do as a social media manager and coach? 

I have systems that I use to keep on track. I’ve been using these to create systems for keeping my mindset on track and now my challenge is to create a system to help deal with overwhelm.

The overwhelm toolkit

So far in my overwhelm toolkit I have:

😌 Breathing (to help combat the physical feelings of anxiety)

🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation (to help centre myself and be present)

🔎 Focus tips (to help bring clarity to my brain)

I’m interested to know if this sounds like something that would benefit you.


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