Easter holidays are one of the weird ones where they fall at different times for different areas.

Some people can be half-way through their Easter holidays when others are just breaking up.

This year my kids are away for a the first week (and that includes Easter weekend). I’ll be using the time to find new leads and get ahead of myself ready for week 2.

I’ve kept to my usual 4-week plan for my social media (April is done already – I’m talking about May).

However, I am aware that many business owners will have had to consider how they are going to manage their social media whilst parenting. 

I figure we have 3 options for creating and sharing content over Easter (and any other holidays):

Schedule it way in advance*

You can create and schedule social media, emails and blogs in advance so that your content will still be published even when you aren’t officially working. This year I have scheduled all of my social media posts for April ahead of time. 

Post as you go 

Maybe you are still working, but have reduced your hours to take some time off (Bank Holidays, anyone). You can continue to post content / blogs / send emails in ‘real time’. I would still recommend having a plan though, to avoid overwhelm and consider reducing the amount of posts that you publish over the Easter holidays – people may not be attached to their phones as much anyway.

Take a break

You are allowed to take a break. If doing the work (even in advance) is causing any form of overwhelm, it’s ok to make the choice to not do it. Also, remember that other people may be taking a break as well, so they may not even be checking their phones as much. Stick an ‘out of office’ post on your social media so people are aware. 

Really it all depends on your circumstances and what works best for you. I find working to a 4-week plan really helps break down tasks and makes my week more mentally manageable.

And you can always download my Social Media Mastery Planner to help really get on top of things.

*It’s maybe a bit late for this but bear it in mind for the next big holiday


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