We talk about balance a lot, don’t we? In terms of work/life balance mostly and work I do with one of my clients has really made me question whether that is actually possible.

Balance implies equal, and I’m not sure we ever get a fully equal balance between our work and our personal lives. And guess what, that’s one major problem.


This month I gained a new qualification and am now a certified Chakra Balancing Coach ⚪🟣🔵🟢🟡🟠🔴. This means I can work with you to help identify if any of your chakras (swirling energy portals around your body) are blocked or out of balance. We look at the possible reasons why and consider how these can be rectified.

On top of that it’s a really lovely, peaceful, relaxing session that I’ve had amazing feedback from. So hit reply and get in touch if you would like to know more about this.


But that’s not the only energy I’m thinking about at the moment that needs to be in balance. I’m also thinking about the feminine and masculine energies that are very often completely out of whack in ourselves as individuals as well as society as a whole.

*** A reminder that when we talk about feminine and masculine energy it’s not about women and men, it’s about behaviour and intention. Maybe even think of it as ‘Divine’ so you don’t connect it with gender ***

So when we are in our feminine, we may be more reflective, nurturing, compassionate and creative. And when we are in our masculine we may be more assertive, action-taking, confident and logical.

Neither of these states is better than the other. Balance is best ⚖. Think yin and yang ♎


It has occurred to me recently though (and I find myself talking about this a lot), that the balance is wrong in society as a whole. We concentrate more on DOING and seem to value the more masculine traits more as they ‘get results’.

I’m therefore taking steps to change this and help people achieve more of a sense of balance by identifying, acknowledging and accepting their feminine energy and fully appreciating the worthiness of it in their lives.

I have big plans for this. But big plans start with small steps. And I intend to build out slowly with lots of reflection and trust along the way.

If this resonates with you, and you feel called to work with me then hit reply and we can have a chat about the best way forward.


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