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If you’re a member of my Facebook group you’ll be aware that I recently delivered a workshop all about engagement. 

As a follow up to this workshop, I ran an engagement challenge. I thought it would be useful to share the challenge here as well. 

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The challenge


Today we’re going to start with the foundations. Take some time to research, think about and identify your:

  • Mission
  • Tone of voice
  • Engagement goals (even if it’s just for this challenge) 
  • Target audience

Please feel free to share your thoughts and responses to these in the comments 


If you’re not sure who you are going to talk to or focus on then it’s a good idea to do some research. Identify 10 accounts of industry influencers, 10 accounts of your competitors / peers and 10 of your ideal clients.

For this challenge we will focus on 1 from each list. Choose the accounts you want to focus on.

There’s no need to share who you have chosen, but feel free to share any thoughts that come up for you from this task.


Engagement challenge day 3

Time task!

Now you have identified your 3 accounts to engage with, here’s what we’re gonna do next:

👉🏻 make sure you have followed / connected with them

👉🏻 set a timer for 10 minutes 

👉🏻 go into the social media apps of your choice 

👉🏻 engage with them

👉🏻 once the timer stops, leave the apps 

Let me know how you get on.


Engagement challenge day 4

Task challenge – Instagram engagement 

Today we’re going to focus on engagement on Instagram, using the task-based approach.

Check Instagram home feed or favourites, like 3 recent posts of my ideal clients and comment on 1 of them.

Repeat for influencers and for competitors.

Once you have completed the task, leave the app.

Let me know how you get on! 


Engagement challenge day 5

Task challenge – LinkedIn engagement

Engagement on LinkedIn is vital for getting seen and known. LinkedIn is in effect an online networking event.

If your own content isn’t creating as much engagement as you would like* then one thing you can do is to engage with other people’s content. 

This doesn’t always mean you have to be in the comments as sharing content is also a good way of being seen.

Identify a great piece of content created by your ideal chosen client / competitor / influencer and share it to your profile with a comment. 

* It’s important to highlight that if you are creating your own content then you are in the 1% of LinkedIn users who are doing this – only 3 million active daily users create their own content Read more LinkedIn statistics here


Engagement challenge day 6

Time-based challenge

Now you’re getting into the swing of things, we’re going to switch back to a time-based task.

For this task you’ll repeat what you did for task 3, except increase the timer to 15 minutes.

I’m interested to know whether this extra 5 minutes makes a difference for you and how.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


Engagement challenge day 7

Facebook challenge

In the workshop I spoke about Facebook groups and how they can be useful for engagement in order to be more visible?

Well, this is your chance to test that out.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Go into a Facebook group that is relevant to what you do / where your target audience is, that you are a member of.

Perform a search using a specific keyword related to your ideal clients’ pain points.

Offer some valuable advice by commenting on a recent post that comes up in the search.

And that’s it.

Yay! We’ve come to the end of the challenge – well done  

I hope this has helped you take the steps you need to increase your engagement.

If you would like any more prompts like this then they are available in my Weekly Planner for Social Media document


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