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In line with my intentions for 2022, this week I have launched my very first Facebook group: Social Media For Misfits 

This group is for you if you’re a business owner who doesn’t feel like you fit in with other groups. You don’t always feel comfortable asking questions about social media. And you are looking for a safe, non-judgemental space for social media, business and moral support.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of joining a Facebook group are, here’s a few that I think are super valuable:


Usually Facebook groups will have at least 1 day in the week where members are permitted to sell their services. And by being present in the group and offering value to others, you’re more likely to gain sales than by simply posting on the sales thread.


Facebook groups give you the opportunity to learn from others and to support others at the same time. As they are often created by an expert in that field, you get the opportunity to access them and their expertise directly.


Be part of a community of like minded business owners where you can help others and learn from others usually for free. Our community is one of acceptance and inclusion.


There’s always someone in the group to take inspiration from. In our group I’m planning on being quite specific about this and offering ideas for members and their social media. 


Maybe the support you gain from a group is just what you need in order to feel confident enough to take action. I will be your cheerleader and will encourage you to do those things that you really want to do but maybe just need a little nudge in the right direction.


It’s a brilliant opportunity to get to know like and trust other business owners and to get them to know like and trust you. Our community will be one without judgement. Therefore much easier to be yourself in, no matter how different or even weird that may be.

I’m super excited about this group (also a bit nervous if I’m honest). It’s so important for me to create this space because I know 100% what it’s like to feel like I don’t fit in.

And this isn’t about fitting in, it’s about celebrating the authentic YOU among a fab group of business owners who are being the authentic THEM.

So if this is a community you are interested in joining, please come on over and let’s be different, together.