We all know that your social media content has to be engaging. And this is all about how your post is made up, the different parts of it that are put together.

You need to create eye-catching, scroll-stopping imagery that your audience will find aesthetically pleasing or educational or valuable in some other way (PS everyone likes pictures of cute animals).

And you need to marry this up with copy (text) that your audience will want to read. Is it interesting? Is it informative? Are you using an appropriate tone of voice? How is it being presented? For example, I can never really be bothered to read a block of text (maybe I’m just lazy). And you should also use appropriate and relevant hashtags depending on the platform you are using. 

You can also include directions in the copy to inspire action in your audience. Give them some direction as to what you want them to do.

Here’s a question, in your social media posts, do you let your audience know what you want them to do? It’s simple really, if you want your audience to do something specific, tell them what you want them to do. Use a relevant Call To Action (CTA).

And by relevant I mean to the action and to the platform you are posting on.

Here are 5 CTAs that you can use in your social media posts:

Click on the link to find out more

This can be used on most platforms but not on Instagram currently as you can’t add a clickable link to an Instagram caption. But for the rest, if you want the audience to read a blog, for example, give them a bit of info and tell them to click on the link for the rest.

Feel free to dm me if you want more info

Change ‘dm’ to ‘message’ or ‘inbox’ if you prefer that. It’s worth remembering here that apparently, the magic happens in the DMs. That’s where the connections are made and the networks grow. 

Head on up to the link in bio

This one only really makes sense on Instagram. As you can’t currently add a clickable link to your caption, direct the audience to the link that you have put in your bio, either as a single link or using Linktree or similar – just make sure that the link is correct before you send them up there.  

Let me know what you think about ____ in the comments

A direct request to get conversations going. You could even get more specific and ask something like, ‘Do you prefer cats or dogs? Let me know in the comments’. It’s up to you, but I do think that by adding the ‘in the comments’ part is more activating than, ‘What do you think?’ 

Double tap / hit like if you agree

An easy request for your audience, and good for increasing likes 

Why not try these out over the next few days and let me know in the comments which CTA you found to be the most successful for you.