‘We’re no longer a photo-sharing app’ – Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram)

A lot of people had a little panic when they heard or read this statement from the head of Instagram. The idea of no longer sharing photographs on the app and having to create and share video content isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, me included.

Currently we can share video content in a few ways:

  • Videos up to 1 minute long can be shared on the grid
  • Videos over 1 minute long can be shared via IGTV
  • Videos can be shared in stories in 15 second clips
  • Videos can be shared via Reels

I’ve dabbled in them all but have found Reels to be loads of fun.

Reels are BIG on Instagram now, content from Reels is really being pushed by the algorithm. But a lot of people feel overwhelmed or put off by the thought of creating them. Contrary to popular belief, Reels don’t have to be super creative, complex videos. They can actually be very simple.

And I’m going to prove it to you. Here are different Reels formats that I have used that are really very easy (well, I did them):

Record your screen

Record your phone screen whilst scrolling through your website to highlight what you do and where you can be found online.

Convert your photos into Reels

You can now upload photographs and use them in your Reels. So you could include product shots or use the photos to tell a story. One fun thing to do is to create what looks like a simple stop motion scene, such as box opening.

Repurpose a Story

There are loads of story filters on Instagram that can be really entertaining and you can use them to create a bit of personal content. Record yourself using the filter, save it on to your phone and upload as a Reel. This has resulted in my most successful Reel, in terms of views and likes.

Save some audio

There are loads of trends happening on Reels and if you head on over to TikTok you’ll probably see loads more. And by using them you can create a short and simple Reel that can be for personal or business content, depending on how you wish to use it.

To save audio from a Reel you’re watching, click on the audio information on the bottom left of the screen and click saved audio.

To use the audio when creating your own Reel, click on audio, click on saved.

Add your own text

Reels can now be up to 60 seconds long but they don’t have to be. Some people will feel comfortable using this time to talk to the camera and that will be their Reel. Some people may not so it’s perfectly fine to show your face on screen and then overlay some music and type out the message that you want to convey.

I think what’s really worth remembering is that Reels are fun. Similar in ways to stories because they can be used for unpolished content, behind the scenes content but unlike stories in that they can be posted to the grid.

Bearing in mind that Instagram is prioritising video content, I really think it’s worth experimenting a little bit with Reels, because why not!

For reassurance though, Adam Mosseri has confirmed that Instagram isn’t going to stop being a photo-sharing app, it’s just going to be more than a photo-sharing app. So sharing photos is still totally fine 🙂


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