Do you even have a strategy? Is your strategy being strategic enough? Or, for you, is it a case of, ‘argh, I haven’t posted this week, must find something to take a picture of and put on Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn or Pinterest..?’

And then you forget for the next few days.

One of the most important things you can do with social media is to BE CONSISTENT. Even if that means just putting out 2 or 3 pieces of content a week, then so be it. Just keep doing it.

As long as that content is inline with your brand and your message and speaking to your target audience then that’s ok.

There’s reality no point sharing masses and masses of content each day to be seen, when that content adds little to no value to your audience. It’s just spammy.

You need to be posting strategically. With purpose and with a plan. And to help, here are five things to consider when creating your social media strategy:

Your goals and objectives

What do you want to gain from your social media marketing? More clients, more sales? To raise awareness of your brand. Do you need to run a campaign for a product or service launch? What is your endgame?

Your target market

These are the people you are trying to reach, the ones you have identified as being who you want to sell to or work with. Once you know more about them, you’ll know how to speak to them, when and where. Plus this will help make creating content so much easier.

Relevant and appropriate social media platforms

Do you need to be posting to all the social media platforms under the sun or can you focus your attention on those that are more appropriate for you, your business and your customers. If you know where they are hanging out then you’ll be able to reach them more directly. Also, you need to ensure that your brand and the platform you are posting to are a good match. 

Brand development and consistency

Here we’re talking brand colours, fonts, tone of voice, and ensuring that these are used consistently throughout your social media marketing. If you’re not sure about any of this, I will be launching a new service soon that covers this area specifically.

Create an engagement plan

Social media is social, that means how successful it is will rely heavily on how much you engage. Talk to your followers, reply to queries or comments, comment on other accounts’ posts. You can do this strategically by deciding on specific times of the day to check in and engage, rather than getting pulled down the rabbit hole and losing hours of your time. 

You can create your strategy at any time and you can review it as and when you need to. You may also create strategies for individual campaigns that you are running, including any advertising.

The main thing is to get one done. Of course, it’s something that I can help you with as well.

We will discuss your goals and required outcomes and from this information I will create a full and comprehensive social media marketing strategy for you. Get in touch to find out more.