Can you add a clickable link in an Instagram caption?

At the moment, the short answer is no.

Whilst it’s possible to include a link in your captions, it will remain as text and the reader will have to copy and paste if they want to visit the site.

Weirdly, Instagram has always had an issue in the sense that you can’t add links to captions, or at least if you do, they don’t actually go anywhere.

I’m not sure why, it could be because they don’t want users to leave Instagram by clicking on a link but it’s also pretty odd because most other social media platforms have this functionality. 

And like most challenges, it is ‘figureoutable’. There are ways around it.

Here are 5 workarounds for adding links to Instagram:

Link in Bio

There is space in the bio to add one link, which is why you see ‘link in bio’ so much. One link is fine if you literally just want to add one link; maybe to a website, or a blog post, or a charity fundraiser. But what if you want to add multiple links…

Linktree (or similar)

People have got round this by using tools such as Linktree. However, this takes traffic on a magical mystery tour before directing them to your chosen destination(s) (kind of). 

What I mean by this is users click on the link, this takes them to Linktree, and then to your website/blog/landing page etc.

Is there an alternative? Yes, there is. You can create your own ‘Linktree’ from your own website. 

This is what I have done on my Instagram profile.

Add link to stories

If you have over 10,000 followers (!) you will be able to add a link to your stories using a chain icon at the top of the screen. You can usually tell when someone has done this as the story will have a call to action such as ‘Swipe up’ 

Pay to promote

Instagram will allow links in posts if you pay for them to be there. So you can create a conversion ad to send people to products or services or a traffic ad to direct people to a blog post. Most of the time the CTA will appear in a banner at the bottom of the image and will be something like: Shop now, Learn more, Download


Yep, you can add a clickable link to the caption. Apparently this is because Instagram totally loves video content. Users will have to click on the title of the video to find the link in the description. 

So there is some work to be done if you want to include clickable links: create a new webpage, grow your followers, create an ad strategy, make and share videos. 

Even so, it’s good to know that there are options (and it’s also entirely possible that they’ll add the functionality at some point, maybe).

Speaking of Instagram, if you would like some help with ideas for content, you can always download my 'new and improved' awareness days cheat sheet.


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