When I was at Uni my friends called me Kerry T and they still do actually. 

It is/was an identity for me, a part of my ‘personal brand’ I guess. It means something to that group of people and they know who is being referred to when someone is talking about ‘Kerry T’.

More recently I’ve learned that for a business, branding is also very important. For the exact same reason: people will know who someone is talking about and who is talking to them.

The brand is created through tone of voice, brand colours, fonts, the attitude and more. All of these things work together to create the overall look and feel of that brand.

Tone of Voice

The brand’s tone of voice is what they say and how they say it. Are they fun, authoritative, serious, caring, friendly, natural? How do they want to come across to their audience? They will need to pay attention to the language they use as well.


Colours are a science, I mean it, an actual science called chromatics (or colorimetry). Colours can have an effect on how we perceive a brand and can evoke certain emotions or reactions within us, e.g. purple = luxury, blue = calm, yellow = happy. Using the right colours in your brand is super important. 

TOP TIP – find colour palettes on Pinterest or use Canva’s Color Resource 


Similar to your brand colours, the font that you use will carry a message about how you want your brand to be perceived. If you’re a corporate business then you may want to use a font that is clean and clear and not messy, such as Arial, Helvetica and Verdana. However, if your business is aimed at children you can be a bit more fun and go for fonts like Jingleberry, Candal and Gochi Hand.


Canva guide to font pairing




Well, I suppose that’s kind of who you are, your core values, mission statement and general outlook on life.   

Pulling it all together

How do you do this? Well, it may take a little bit of work but it’s so totally do-able You just need to ask the right questions and answer in as much depth as you can. And, yes, I can help with this (email me for more details).

So let me know, how do you feel about your brand style?


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