Your brand is important. It’s how people recognise you and what people remember you for when you are not there.

There are many factors that go towards creating your brand and it’s really a mixture of who you are, your values, your business or services and who your customers are.

Once you know what your brand is, you can start to make everything that you do be in alignment with it and this includes your social media content.

Social media marketing is a way in which you can spread the word about you and what you do. You can make people aware that you exist and tell them about problems they didn’t even know they had (and how you can fix them).

To be remembered is what you want.  

To make your content look and feel consistent here are a few easy steps you can take:

Brand colours

Identify and use the same brand colours. There is a whole science to colours. Different colours have different meanings, create different atmospheres. Do you want to convey a feeling of authority, of fun, of health? It’s all in the colours.

Brand font

Choose a font, maybe 2 or 3. Use fancy fonts sparingly. You need to make sure that what you write is legible, so be careful of using too much script style font. Have a font for headlines, and one for text. Again, depending on the nature of your brand you may wish to use something more traditional serif font, or maybe a cleaner san serif font with no fussiness.  

Use a filter

You may want to use a filter for photographs, just make sure it’s the same one each time. If you’re using an app like Canva, it’s possible to add a filter to photographs to create a similar look. This will help create a consistent look across your Instagram feed, for example. You can also achieve this by using other apps, even ones on your phone. 

It’s also possible to search for photos in your brand colours in Canva Pro. 


What’s your attitude? What are your values? Are you fun, serious, corporate. This will have a huge effect on how you talk to your audience, your tone of voice (TOV). So think about who you are talking to and what you are talking to them about. If your ideal customers are teenagers then you don’t want to be talking to them like you would their parents (or at least they wouldn’t want you to).


Pick a few templates and modify for your posts. This may seem like a sneaky fix but IMHO it’s really useful and to be honest, that’s what the templates are there for. So use them. Alternatively, create your own. They can be really simple, such as a coloured tile with just text, or a single element. And always use the same style of text or element.

Achieving consistency is easy just by being consistent!

TIP: when you start working with a new client, make sure you get their brand guide. If they don’t have one then you could help them create their own. You will need to know:

  • The logo
  • The logo variations
  • The brand colours
  • The brand fonts
  • The image style
  • The mood they want to convey
  • The TOV 

I’m interested, have you got your own style?