On the 11th of June I officially graduated from Emma Van Heusen’s  Facebook Adcelerator course and I have the badge to prove it!

This absolutely consolidates my learning from The Two Laura’s whose Ads Manager Academy course I took earlier in the year. I have the badge to prove this as well.

Yes, both courses overlapped at one point. Yes, there was a lot of new info in my head. 

However, this now means that Alternative Admin is launching Facebook Advertising as a new service

And, because I am very new at this (but also bear in mind that I’ve had THE BEST training), when I take on new Ads clients it will be on a Beta basis initially, for a limited period of time.

This means that it will be at the lowest rate for Facebook Ads (from me) ever!

Well that’s a bit exciting, isn’t it?

Why Facebook Advertising?

When I first started out running my own business I was a Virtual Assistant. Over time I was finding myself more drawn to the social media side of things and decided to train with Digital Mums.

But I started noticing that clients wanted to advertise on Facebook and I always felt overwhelmed when attempting to do this and a little out of my depth.

I wanted the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out this task properly.

Why Emma Van Heusen?

The amount of amazing feedback I’ve heard and read about Emma’s course gave me a huuuuge amount of FOMO. A couple of the mums from my Digital Mums cohort had recently undergone the training and have super positive things to say about it. And I totally trusted their judgement.

I was also very encouraged by the fact that there is a specific mindset perspective to the course, with specific sessions led by Global Voice, Mindset & Business Coach Andrea Callanan

Who is advertising on Facebook?

Lots and lots and lots of businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs. I mean look at your Facebook and Instagram feed and tell me that advertising isn’t something to get involved with. The question is, are they doing it right? Are they being effective? Do they even know what they’re doing or is it a case of boost this post (which can help), chuck out a single ad, no testing, no real insights regarding the audience the ads are going to? 

Really, they need an expert to help them out. Am I an expert? Well, at the risk of sounding a bit braggy, yes I am 🙂 

What happens next?

I’m currently offering a Beta version of this service, and this will be for a limited time only. 

Please feel free to get in touch / book a chat with me about this service or any of the other services I offer.