This week (10-16 May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and to be quite honest I’ve been feeling a bit, well, empty.

A couple of things have happened work wise that feel like a bit of a setback and could very easily get me very down, but I’m determined to not let that happen.

I will think of solutions to the situation and go with them, rather than allow myself to feel sad or down or upset. 

To be honest, I think one reason why I feel this way is because in some ways I’m feeling trapped in a space I’m not comfortable with. And this isn’t a case of because I’m out of my comfort zone. I think it’s because I’m not in the right comfort zone.

When I started out I positioned myself as a Virtual Assistant. I offered work at an hourly rate. And that was pretty much it. No retainers, no packages because a. I didn’t know what they were and b. I didn’t know how to set them up.

Recently one of my VA clients has asked that we move from a retainer to an ad hoc basis. Initially I have agreed to this arrangement, but now that I have considered it further, it kind of feels like a step backwards.

Now I know that this does not serve me or my business at all.

And this is because:

  • I’ve moved more into social media management
  • I’m getting fed up of trading time for money 
  • I want to be offering packages only
  • I want to earn more money
  • I want to feel on control and like I know what I’m doing

There are positives though:

  • The tasks I will be given are ones I enjoy doing
  • It will give me flexibility 
  • I still have some money coming in from time to time

But the issues for consideration are:

  • I don’t know when the work will come in
  • Will I have time to do the work if I take on other clients?
  • I don’t know how much work will be involved

It’s definitely something for me to think about. And in the meantime I will have to:

STOP – overthinking it

START – making my diary available for potential clients to book discovery calls

CONTINUE – marketing my business to the right people, with the right message

PS, the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is NATURE. So if you can, go out for a walk, sit in the garden, feed the bees, hug a tree 🚶🏻‍♀️ 🌻 🐝 🌳

PPS, If you are wondering about my social media management packages, they are bespoke for the client depending on requirements and may include the following  🔽🔽🔽