I have some good news to share… Yesterday I was informed that I passed some recent training and am now qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner with Becoming 360 Life Coach Training Academy.

As part of the assessment for this diploma I had to show evidence of and reflect on delivering sessions related to an area of the Law of Attraction.

That was the easy part, I also had to introduce it into my own life and reflect on that. As we all know, talking about something is one thing, embodying it, putting it into practice is a whole other ball game.

I decided to focus on gaining clarity – the first step to getting what you want is identifying what that is (and giving yourself permission to acknowledge and accept that you want it).

I think we do know what we want, but maybe we feel like we don’t deserve it, or silly in even considering that we might want or ever get the thing that we want.

Going through the process, I did find clarity. And that was around my idea for Coven.

I’ve been talking about this for a while within my communities. It’s my idea for a coffee shop / crystal witchy shop / community hub for alternative, spiritual, witchy folks.

Every time I thought or spoke about it I would get so excited, I knew it had to happen.

And it is! In pop up form. A super simple version of what it will be in the future.

We have a date – you’re the first to know BTW.

Coven, The Pop Up – will be happening on the 24th of February, at Balfour Community Centre, Holderness Road, Hull. 1-3pm.

If you’re local, come along for coffee and cake and conversation. We will be building a community.

If you’re not local but would like to be a part of Coven, follow on Instagram, donate to the crowdfunder, spread the word!

And remember, that it is entirely possible to get what you want. And now that I’m qualified I can support you on your journey too – get in touch.


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