With a new month on the horizon, I thought it would be useful to share some upcoming awareness days in case anyone is in need of some inspiration for May. 

May Awareness Days

National Photography Month

Better Speech and Language Month

National Get Caught Reading Month

1st – Early May Bank Holiday

2nd – International Harry Potter Day

3rd – Write a Review Day

4th – Star Wars Day 

5th – International Midwives’ Day

6th – National Scrapbook Day

7th – World Laughter Day

8th – Free Trade Day / Bank Holiday 

9th – National Sleepover Day

10th – National Receptionists Day

11th – National Eat What You Want Day

12th – National Public Gardens Day

13th – World Cocktail Day

14th – National Dance Like A Chicken Day

15th – Bring Flowers to Someone Day

16th – National Piercing Day

17th – Work From Home Day

18th – National Notebook Day

19th – International Virtual Assistants Day

20th – World Bee Day

21st – World Meditation Day

22nd – World Goth Day

23rd – National Library Workers Day

24th – Brothers’ Day

25th – Geek Pride Day

26th – National Road Trip Day

27th – National Sunscreen Day

28th – Menstrual Hygiene Day

29th – Biscuit Day / Spring Bank Holiday

30th – National Creativity Day

31st – National Smile Day

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You can probably find an awareness day for most issues, events and, well types of food and drink probably.

Why Use Awareness Days?

Awareness days are very useful for inspiring content. Although I’d urge you to make sure you keep them relevant to your business, brand, message and strategy.

Use them as a prompt for content as well as THE content and don’t forget to use the hashtag!

I share a post at the end of every month with awareness days for the following month.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to see those. And I include a whole 12 months’ worth of awareness days in my Social Media Mastery Planner.