Last week I shared some information with you about a recent update in Instagram and the effect that it had on the functionality within the app.

As a quick recap, the option to select multiple images in order to create a carousel post had disappeared.

When I created a Reel about this at the time of the update, I was asked what a carousel post was. 

Because of this I thought it would be useful to give a short explanation of things you can post on Instagram.

NB you can create all of these by clicking on the plus icon in the top right of the screen on the mobile app (options to post from desktop are coming)


Here we’re talking about photos or graphics or videos under 1 minute that have been saved in your phone library. Click on the plus icon, then choose post and you will be given access to the photos saved in your phone. Choose single or multiple images or videos. 

A carousel post is one made up of multiple images.  


Choose the second option to create a story. These are short (15 second) videos/snapshots that will be available for users to view for 24 hours and can be accessed by clicking on a profile picture with a red/orange circle around it (or green if you’re someone’s Close Friend

Story highlight 

If you want to keep your story accessible for longer than 24 hours you can add it to a highlight. Ever seen the circles above someone’s grid – these are highlights. Once added to these a story will be viewable until you take it down. Click on the Story highlights option, select the stores you want to include and click next, give it a title and post.

IGTV video

Videos that are longer than 1 minute can’t be shared to the grid so have to be shared via IGTV. However, you can opt for a preview to be added to the grid.


Reels are kind of like stories and have a lot of the same options, e.g. for filters, stickers, text etc but there’s so much more to play with too. They’re reel-ly bit at the moment so there’s a lot of thought going into them and how Reels can be improved. One huge bonus with Reels is that you can add them to the grid and they don’t disappear after 24 hours (unless you remove them of course).

Top tip: Look out for trends that have come over from TikTok and save the audio from these Reels to use on your own. 


This is a new one to me and I love it. Guides are basically curated content on Instagram. Save either your own or other people’s posts and share them as a guide to share really useful information and as a bonus it can get you in front of influencers’ eyes if you share their posts! 

You may remember a recent email I sent out about Guides, but here’s the link to the blog post just in case

That’s a super quick, whistle stop tour of Instagram and what you can share via the plus icon.

If you want to know about any of these in more depth then just let me know 🙂


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