Social media definitely has a prominent place in the modern world, with users of each platform spread out across the globe in very high numbers. I mean we’re talking something like 3.78 billion daily users!

And most of us probably use more than 1 platform each for different reasons; connecting with friends and family, catching up on the latest news, job hunting and networking. 

Out of all of the platforms available Facebook currently remains to be the most popular platform. A lot of people use Facebook, including 307 million Europeans.

For social media marketing and paid advertising, that’s a lot of people.

Social media users scroll an average of 300ft a day (what?!) For a business page, this is a good thing because sooner or later someone who follows that page will see the content being put out. But what will they do?

Will they engage? Will they like, comment or share the content? Or will they keep scrolling? And just how long will it take before they see any more content from that page considering that organic reach on most Facebook pages is less than 5% of page followers.

And are they the kind of people who ultimately are going to convert? I.E. Are they gonna buy anything?

A lot of the time the answer is, ‘I don’t know’. Or ‘probably not’. 

So what happens next? What can a business do to get specific content in front of a specific audience? 

Well, they pay for it to happen. 

OK, here’s the thing. I don’t know if you were aware of this but 71% of UK adults can be reached with Facebook Ads

And a good ad, with a well targeted audience, killer imagery, copy that converts and the right objective can yield some extraordinary results.

Personally I think whether social media is taking over the world or not (it kind of is though or at least it’s very cemented in it), one thing is for certain that paid advertising is definitely all over social media.

And if you’re a business, then you need to know how to use it strategically, or you need to find someone who does.  


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