I have to admit LinkedIn is not my favourite platform, although I know that it is super duper important for freelancers (and this includes VAs and OBMs for sure) to be on.

Not only is it a place to showcase what you can do, it’s also a place where you can network, show your personality and connect with others.

Yesterday I attended an online talk by Gus Bhandal aka The M Guru about all things LinkedIn and the takeaways were pretty awesome.

Because I found it so helpful, I thought it would help you too. So here is a task that was ‘set’ by Gus for creating a piece of evergreen content. A post about you.

The Task

All you need to do is answer these questions:

Who are you?
What do you do?
Why do you do what you do?
Who do you do it for (your ideal client)?
What is your USP?
What makes you an authority?


Create your post (add a lovely photo of you) and post it. Then post it again every 3 months so that your new connections can learn more about you.

Connect with me

If we’re not connected on LinkedIn already, please feel free to send me a connection request so that I can see your post and learn more about you. You can find me here


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