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How do you feel about making (or receiving) phone calls?

Are you the type of person who will put off making a necessary phone call because it’s super stressful? 

Maybe you stare at the phone when it displays an unknown number instead of answering it. Then once the call ends you google the number?

OK, I admit it, both of these are me.

And when I had to make an important phone call this week to sort out my massively increased water bill, I felt very uncomfortable.

And it got me thinking about the similarities between this situation and how people feel about showing up for themselves and their businesses on social media.

The negative side

The fear of the unknown – I didn’t know who I was going to speak to, what they would be like and how they would respond to my queries. In fact they were very lovely and sorted everything out for me in my favour. How often do you hide away because you don’t know what the response will be like?

The fear of judgement – what if the other person told me off or was condescending and didn’t want to help me? Does your fear of what people will think of you stop you from being visible?

The positive side

Once I’d got over myself and made the phone call I felt relief, stress-free and like I could do it again. Just like that feeling when you’ve finally got out of your own way and gone live on Instagram. Does that feeling of achievement push you on to being more visible?

In summary

🟡If we create a perception of something from a place of fear, it’s going to stop us from moving forward.

🟡If we consider who will benefit from taking action, we are more likely to take it.

🟡Things get easier the more we do them.

🟡The feeling of achievement is a lot more satisfying than feeling scared.

What steps can you take this week to be more visible?

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