I’m sure anyone who has been on a freelancer or self-development journey has been informed of the virtues of having daily routines.

Get up at 5am, workout, gratitude practice, meditate, go for a walk, journal. It’s a wonder we have any time to work or live at all.

And that’s why I’m here to say, stop with the daily routines. Or at least trying to follow anyone else’s.

To me the issue is when something works for someone, they may expect it to work for everyone else. But this isn’t always the case.

For example, I started practising gratitude as I had been advised to do it. And it ended up annoying me. It felt like a chore, something I HAD to do. Not like the life-affirming, positive vibe increasing exercise that it was supposed to be.

I realised, gratitude practice was more doing the thing, being present in it and enjoying it rather than saying how grateful I was for it.

‘I’m grateful for the first cup of coffee in the morning’, became me drinking that cup of coffee and bloody loving it.

Changes can be hard

On top of this, suddenly adding a whole new routine to your already seemingly packed day can be scary, overwhelming, off-putting.

Yes time is stretchy but sometimes I feel as though it has to be stretched slowly.

So start small. Small incremental steps make it loads easier to accept the change in routine and embody it. To make it feel like it’s yours.

Light a candle – removes negative energy, colours are symbolic, takes 5 seconds.

Burn a stick of incense – clears negativity, smells great, leave it to smoulder instead of sageing an entire room.

Pick one oracle cardget some guidance, you don’t even have to read the meaning in the little book, just go with your intuition.

One minute meditation – set a time, close your eyes, gradually increase the time if it feels good to you.

I’ve shared these because they are all a part of my daily routine. The links are not affiliated. I just thought they would be helpful.

They take hardly any time to do and I get enjoyment from each and every one of them.

YOUR daily routine

Your daily routine should exist to support and guide you and enhance your life. Not make you feel like you HAVE to follow someone else’s instructions (and then you feel like a failure because you can’t stay consistent).


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