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I have a confession to make, I am rubbish at sales calls. 

No matter how much I prepare, what script I have in front of me, the plans I’ve made. 

I get nervous and stressed out. On occasion my mind has gone blank.

Why? It’s the pressure, it has to be the pressure. 

Sales Call Vs Discovery Call

Now, I think there is also some confusion (and not just for me) around what a sales call should look like. Is it a discovery call? Do we sell on discovery calls? Or are they separate calls to clinch the deal? 

I think they can be whatever you want them to be.  Be comfortable with them and you’ll be more likely to get the client.

Review and Analyse

I spent some time reviewing and analysing my past sales / discovery calls. Something occurred to me about the clients I had signed.

It wasn’t the sales calls that got me clients at all. It was the relationships I’d built up with the people outside of the calls. In communities, on social media, through referrals etc.

The calls I’ve had with these people were really just formalities so that we both said yes to each other’s faces.

Because of this, I realised that what has attracted people to work with me is me. Their interactions with me on a level that was less pressured and more real led to them wanting to work with me.

It was quite a realisation and quite a shock.

Results and Way Forward

What am I going to do with this? I am going to interact with people on a more relaxed level and let me shine through. This will be through increased engagement on social media (I will be running a free workshop in my Facebook group about this so watch out for date confirmation).

Also I’ll be attending more in-person networking events.

And I’ll be referring to my discovery calls as ‘hello’ calls. They will be designed for having a chat and getting to know each other. No sales on these.  

Have you noticed anything similar with yours? 


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