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It’s the summer holidays. It’s juggle time, I’m up super early writing this and I am not a morning person. I haven’t even drunk my first coffee yet. This is hard work but it’s also kind of an experiment.

I have never got up early to ‘put a shift in’ during school holidays before but following a conversation with a friend who is also freelance, I thought I’d give it a go. A few days in here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

😊 It feels good to have got some work done so I don’t have to worry about it over breakfast

😬 My children don’t always give me the peace and quiet I expect (oldest up at 5:30am on Monday)

🥱 My brain takes a while to wake up and I should be aware of this when I decide which tasks to take on at this time of the day.

In light of this, I decided that this blog / email would include some suggestions of mine for how to manage the school holiday juggle:

For when you do the work

• Get up early and do some work before the kids are up

• Do some work after the kids have gone to bed

• Plan your workload paying attention to when your brain works best

• Time block your week to allow time with the kids

For getting the work done 

Schedule social media in advance

• Identify priority tasks 

• Be flexible 

Outsource some of your work

For when you’re not working

• Book time off and let clients know

• Allocate days or times to spend with the kids

For childcare

• Use holiday clubs

• Ask family to help with childcare if you can

• Be ok with YouTube as a babysitter

For you

• Be gentle with yourself 

• Don’t feel guilty

• Remember that this too shall pass and you’re doing the best you can

These are just a few suggestions and the best thing you can do is find out what works for you and your family. And however you get through the holidays, please pay close attention to the For you section.

Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments 👇🏻

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