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A couple of weeks ago I attended a free masterclass run by Hannah Martin of The Talented Ladies Club. The masterclass was on SEO and Hannah gave 10 top SEO tips.

Being the organised little admin bod that I am, I made some notes. I thought it would be useful to share these with you. Here they are…

10 SEO tips.

  1. Set the right SEO goals. Use SMART  / specific measurable goals for your SEO and work towards these. An example would be to identify a good search term.
  2. Use internal links. These can be page to page links or article to article.
  3. Use the right anchor text when using links. This means that the words you use in the anchor text for your links should be descriptive. For example: Read this blog to find out how you can make being consistent more interesting.
  4. Add your keywords to the right places and use them in the right ways. You should add them to the page title, the meta description, the page headline, subheadings, somewhere within the first 100 words, twice more in your content
  5. Get Google Search Console. Focus specifically on pages ranking, search terms ranking, pages people are clicking on.
  6. Make sure that your pages are indexed. You can check this on Google Search Console. If they aren’t, you can ask for them to be indexed in GSC.
  7. Check your image sizes are correct, Large image sizes can slow down the rate at which your website loads. The type of file can also have an impact. Use jpeg for photos and PNG for infographics. Big images should be less than 1MB, small images should be 300KB or less.
  8. When writing content, answer common questions, e.g. What is…, Meaning…, How to… and use these in your pages, articles, subheadings and sections. Use resources like the website Answer The Public for question prompts.
  9. Add authority sources. This can be in the form of statistics or quotes. Make sure you add links to these with relevant anchor text.
  10. Review your content because newer content challenges the position of content in Google.

Some action to take to help your SEO

  • Ensure your content is up to date
  • Check search terms
  • Compare your content to high performing content
  • Add related keywords
  • Build more links within your content.

Hope this helps.

What’s your engagement like?

If you don’t currently have an engagement strategy set up for social media and aren’t sure how then I have something that could help you…

I’m running a FREE workshop to members of my Facebook group, The Social Media Misfits Club on the 23rd of March at 12pm on Zoom.

This one will be All About Engagement.

And I’m thinking of following it up with a short engagement challenge in the group too. 

Click on the button if you want to join the group 👇🏻


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