One of the highlights of my October was a retreat I went to in Glastonbury, arranged and hosted by my gorgeous friend and coach, Christina Littlejohns. This was Christina’s first venture into the world of retreat hosting and it was marvellous.

I highly recommend following Christina on Instagram if you don’t already. Come along to one of her circles and keep an eye out for future retreats. And she has a brilliant offer out at the moment for those who would like to increase their spiritual practice and soul connection.


The retreat was amazing. Glastonbury was wonderful. And I gave myself permission to fully immerse myself in the magic, mysticism and sacredness of the place, to allow me to explore my spiritual side further.

Whilst there we celebrated ourselves in circle and set intentions to take away with us for the next 6 months. Being the super overachiever I am, I set 6. All of which are to help develop myself and my work. 

Scroll to the bottom for my invitation to you around setting intentions. 


To run my own in-person circles. Thinking on this further I am considering hosting a series of chakra balancing circles. In these we can focus on individual chakras and balancing the whole system as well.

Creating a bespoke coaching programme that will amalgamate my knowledge, skills and the elements that light me up. We’re talking energies, chakras, manifesting!

Devising a conference that will bring people together to explore feminine and masculine energies and why this is needed in our leadership.

Get some coaching for myself to help support me in creating all of these amazing things.

Find my coven, whether that’s my community, or the coffee-book-crystal-witchy shop I really want to have.

The sixth one is personal to me, so I’m invoking my masculine and setting a boundary for myself by not sharing this one.

We set these intentions at the time of the new moon, which traditionally is the time for new beginnings as per the lunar cycle. Now as we head towards the full moon, they are yet to be completed but are well and truly out in the universe!


My invitation to you when you set intentions, whether by the new moon or not, is to keep in mind that they don’t have to be completed all at once. The intention is what is important.

You may not know what all of the steps you will take to actualise your idea are. Just remember, all you need to know right now is the next step you will take.

And trust in that.


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