My last blog was inspired by the Facebook outage which resulted in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all being down for 6 hours.

It made a lot of us realise just how ingrained in our lives social media is, whether this is for personal or professional reasons (or both). 

I’m certainly not excluded from this. How about you?

In the ensuing discussions, comments were made that alluded to the idea that it would be good for social media to disappear altogether. That it brings too much distraction into our lives and can have a detrimental effect on individuals.

There is some truth to this, however, I do believe that to a certain extent, social media gives back what we put in. If we are following accounts that are making us feel negative, then we should consider whether it’s worthwhile to continue following that account, for example.  

But it’s not all bad. And to illustrate here are 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Social Media:

Keeping in touch with friends and family

This is kind of what it’s all about anyway really, especially Facebook. And on a personal level, it really kept me in touch with adults and the world during all the lockdowns. 

Find out what’s going on locally (and nationally)

How many of us are in local community Facebook groups? Now I know there is always a saturation of posts complaining about cats pooping in gardens or bins not being collected, but we can also use these groups to find out what’s going on. Are there any community events at Christmas, Halloween, or during the summer holidays? This can be a really valuable resource. And this expands to national events too. Aaaand to business events (including yours).

Stay up with developments in your industry

If you follow the right accounts on any platform you can easily keep up to date with what’s going on in yours or your clients’ industries. 

TOP TIP – if you are a Twitter user create private lists featuring industry news accounts and top influencers. Thai way you won’t have to keep scrolling through allll of Twitter to find them (if you’re not a Twitter user you could create an account just for this).

Share your services

Social media is a super resource for businesses to share what they do. It’s an opportunity to get some free* advertising to promote who you are and what you do. Just remember that it’s important to build up a community first, focus on your ideal clients and share the most relevant content you can.

 *unless you want to use paid advertising e.g. Facebook Ads

Follow your faves

Another one that spans both our personal and professional lives. We can follow all the celebs we love and if they don’t have an account then there will likely be a fan account. And we can follow the businesses and industry influencers we love. This way we get to know more about them, and we like them more and trust them more (then we’re more likely to buy from them, work with them, listen to them). 

Drive traffic to website 

It’s important to mention here that this will only work if you have a website (but you should have one anyway just in case social media ever completely disappears). Sharing blog posts, links to sales pages or services pages can help drive traffic to websites. Also make sure that you check your metrics to find out which platform is driving the most traffic. You can use Google Analytics for this.

Be part of a community 

A lot of small business owners work from home and they can feel pretty isolated from, well, everything really. It’s easy when working like that to allow self-doubt to creep in. The solution – find a community, build relationships. It’s amazing how many people you ‘meet’ online. 

I do find it interesting how, for small business owners especially, our personal and professional lives can be so intertwined and that’s so apparent where social media is concerned.

Final thoughts

A couple of things to keep in mind 

  1. Make sure you are social on social media – keep engaging but try not to go down a rabbit hole.
  2. Remember that you don’t ‘own’ your social media accounts and they could all go offline for good tomorrow so you need to have your own website and email list.  – sign up to mine here.