Haven’t planned your posts for April yet? 

Want to be more visible? 

I have just the thing for you. I am running a 14-day social media challenge and I would love for you to join in. 

We start today, the 1st of April. 

Use the prompts and the hashtag #letsgetvisible and tag me @alternativesocialuk so I can see and share your posts.

Don’t worry if you miss a day or post every other day. It’s more about giving inspiration and you getting more visible on your socials (yes there’s a few that ask for you to show your face. Sorry, not sorry.)

Here are the prompts:

  1. Say hello – introduce yourself
  2. Most recent photo (of you)
  3. Do a talkie story
  4. Share your plans for the month
  5. Stop! Drop! Selfie!
  6. Share some feedback
  7. Do a reel – featuring YOU
  8. What are you doing TODAY
  9. I want to see you GO LIVE
  10. Quick react to someone’s story
  11. What’s your zone of genius?
  12. Show your face AGAIN
  13. Comment on someone’s post
  14. Share a FUN FACT about YOU

You can find and save this post on Instagram for future reference tool, here’s the link

Are you in?


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