I shared a post the other day in my Facebook group asking people what they struggled with the most out of social media, visibility, consistency and mindset.

People’s replies were mainly mindset and consistency.

The consistency issues were really interesting as different people both found that they kept being inconsistent and weren’t sure how to make their inspiration work for them.

Their issues around being consistent

Consistency for sure… Sometimes I am full of inspiration and could post on one day six things on social media and then for 4 weeks almost nothing…


I’ll post 8 videos 1 day, and not again for a month

My thoughts:

Immediately I thought, wow they’re actually creating a lot of content. This is great. What they need to do now is be aware of how to manage their content. And that’s not as difficult as it seems.

How you can be more consistent


I’d invite you to think about introducing an element of planning into your social media.
Have a look at your last lot of posts. What kind of content did you include? What did you talk about? Which content performed well?

Use this to inform your content for the following month

If you can create 8 posts in a day then you can spread those across a month, 2 posts a week


Do you use a scheduler? When you get that inspiration you could schedule your content rather than posting it all on one day?

You’re batch creating content, but you’re posting it all at once.

Have a think about when you get your inspiration. Is it random or is there any pattern to your increased creativity & how can you harness this to benefit you if there is?

As a suggestion, look into using a scheduler so that when you’re being creative you can share the content over time.

If you have any issues with your consistency, have a think about planning your content and scheduling it.

Do you do this already? If not, why not and when will you start?


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