If you’re ever stuck for social media inspiration, remember that everything is a content opportunity.

There is always something to inspire you, or maybe prompt you into action.

You can start by checking out awareness days and identifying relevant ones. This means that they resonate with your business or your message or you as an individual.

Then create content around them. Lives, Reels, stories, posts, carousels, whatever takes your fancy. 

What are awareness days?

Awareness days are created by businesses or charities or movements or individuals to raise awareness about or celebrate something that is important.

Most awareness days will have a specific hashtag attached to them so that posts relating to them (including yours) can be found when someone performs a search using that tag.

How to use awareness days

Use awareness days only if they have some relevance to your business. If an awareness day is not relevant (or you can’t make it relevant) then it’s best to avoid it because it’ll make no real sense to your audience or your brand.

TOP TIP: You can use the awareness day as a prompt for the imagery you use in your content.

There are a few really good websites that you can find awareness days on such as https://www.daysoftheyear.com/ and https://www.awarenessdays.com/ 

In summary

Awareness days are absolutely brilliant as content prompts and helping you get more visible online through your content. Make sure they are relevant to your brand and message and don’t forget to use the hashtag!


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