I’ve found that a lot of people who run their own businesses (and I see this a lot specifically with people in the VA industry) can be kind of reluctant to use social media.

They may have all the best intentions, but then when it comes to it they create accounts and leave them dormant because they lack confidence in what to post or worry about what other people will think when they do.

I really hope this isn’t you but if it is, know that there are some little changes that you can make to help boost your social media.

Don’t overthink it

Try not to spend hours agonising over creating a perfect image, done is better than perfect, progression over perfection etc etc You know what I’m talking about. Have fun, experiment a bit with new formats. As long as your content is relevant for the right people and is out there then you’re on to a winner.

Stop comparing

Stop thinking that everyone else’s posts are better than yours because they have a ton of likes, or thinking that because they have more followers then they are more successful. Vanity metrics are nice to look at (sometimes) but they’re not what you should be basing your decisions on. Look at metrics such as reach, impressions, hashtag performance, Google Analytics, conversions to figure out if your social media is working in the way that you want it to.

Show your face

You have several options here: timeline videos, Lives (and you can now schedule these), Reels and selfies. There’s no two ways about it though, you have to show your face. It’s social media law.

Be social

I mean really, what’s the point of being on SOCIAL media if you’re not prepared to be social? It’s all about making connections, forming networks and having conversations. If you stick with the post and run technique then the likelihood is you’re not going to grow your account and the chance of finding new clients or customers will lessen (unless you’re Beyoncé or Jennifer Aniston).

Have a strategy

OK if you don’t already have one this is probably more of a big change. But once you have a strategy the difference to your social media posts will be huge. No more random posting, no more talking to everyone, no more posting and running.

Being absolutely transparent I have to remind you that I actually do create social media strategies as a service (who’d have guessed 😉) aaaannnnddd having been a VA I have a bit of insider intelligence when it comes to pain points, influencers, content and all that good stuff. 

If you’d like some help with yours just get in touch 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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