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How comfortable are you with going live on social media?

I have to own up, I’m really not but for me going live is about more than another way to post on Instagram, it’s about doing a thing that makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward for the purpose of allowing me to grow. Which is what 2022 is all about for me.

It’s definitely a mindset thing.

I also know that people buy from people they know, like and trust. So if you’re being visible and showing your authentic self then you should be able to draw more people who are aligned with you down your sales funnel.

So far I’ve done a grand total of 2 lives on Instagram, so I’m by no means an expert. Despite this I know just how important it is to show up and be visible on social media and sometimes this means dragging yourself out of your comfort zone kicking and screaming.

I’ve done a bit of research into this, as in I have asked people and listened to what they have to say and the main takeaway pieces of advice I have received are:

Talk to yourself in the mirror 

It might sound weird but it’s to help you get comfortable with talking out loud, especially if you’re not actually talking to someone in particular. In addition, when you are going live, imagine you’re talking to one individual person – use your ideal client avatars for this.

Write bullet points on a piece of paper

It’s so easy to lose our train of thought when talking, I do it all the time. Distractions are everywhere, little unrelated thoughts may pop into our heads or we may just go off tangent. You want how you talk to be natural and have a good flow so you don’t want to be reading from a script. Having a piece of paper with a few bullet points on it can really help keep you on track. Not too many though, or you’ll be there all day.

Change your state

Get your blood pumping, you’ve probably been sitting down for a while and need to bring some new energy into your system. Hype yourself up, do a power pose, move, go for a walk (do your live on a walk), shake your body. You’ll feel more energised and more ready to get on with it (and less likely to chicken out). 

If, like me, you feel awkward and uncomfortable about going live on your socials, consider these 3 nuggets of advice to help you get out of your own way and get your face out there.

It’s a challenge! Are you willing to accept it?