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Do you check your social media metrics? If not, I highly recommend that you allocate some time to do this. Not only to see how much engagement your posts have generated, but also to find out what format has been working for you and if there’s anything that needs improvement.

Monthly metrics 

At the start of each month have a look at each platform’s metrics so you have an overall outlook on how your social media is doing. Set yourself goals and measure your metrics against them. Metrics to look at can include:

Engagement (likes, comments, shares) 

These can be useful but be careful not to dwell on numbers, for example post likes (you can even hide post likes). If you feel like you could do with more engagement, consider how you can achieve this through future posts via a call to action.

Reach and Impressions

These numbers tell you how many unique views a post has had (reach) and how many times a post has shown up on someone’s timeline (impressions).

If these numbers are low, ask how can I make the content more engaging? Review your hashtags, the time of day you posted and the type of content you have posted. In my experience Reels generate a much higher reach than static images.

Google Analytics

This is an interesting one because it’s not strictly social media but Google Analytics metrics are really useful if you want to see which platform is generating the most traffic to your website. Interestingly, I found that my Facebook posts don’t receive a huge amount of engagement but Facebook generates a lot of traffic to my website. 

Individual posts

Of course you can check metrics for individual posts on all platforms and you can do this at any time. Instagram is fab for this and allows you to check post reach and impressions and breaks the numbers down so you can see how well the hashtags on that post have performed. 

Remember – social media is all about testing to see what works and what doesn’t based on your social media goals. If something is working, keep doing it until your metrics show that it isn’t. If something isn’t working, consider why and tweak whatever the issue is.


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