I’ve noticed that a lot of people are or have or will be having a social media break over the summer.

Whether this is for the whole summer or just a couple of weeks, if they need that break then it’s the best course of action.

As far as I can tell, social media isn’t going anywhere and their followers may even be having a little break as well.

On a personal level I most likely won’t be taking a break, as in a chunk of time, away from social media. I’ve already scheduled all of August’s posts anyway. But I admit, there’s a lot to juggle at the moment.

So, I have a different plan and that is to ease off a bit with my planning and scheduling for September.

I’m going to post 4 types of content, 4 days a week.

It’s not my idea though, I downloaded it from Janet Murray.

The 4X4 Method

This is basically making it easier to come up with, create and post content. There are 4 areas to consider:

NEWS/TRENDS – what’s going on in the world or your industry world

INSPIRE – share a story that will get people excited

COMMUNITY – ask questions, have conversations, engage

EDUCATE – share some really useful information

The thing about social media is that it’s all about testing to see what happens. 

Where did I get it from?

And back to the download, in case you were wondering because there’s nothing on her website about this free 30 day content planner, I saw it in an ad she’s running (just goes to show that ads work). Here’s all the details of the ad on the Janet Murray Facebook page ad library.


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