Have you got any plans to plan?

Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas and then the New Year, I thought it would be a good time to start planning my social media for 2022

Yes, 2022. How many of us are still trying to process 2020?

Planning for the whole year is always something I’ve intended to do but never really got round to doing. And now I realise why.

It’s about my niche. Previously I never really had a niche. Social media for small businesses. That’s not really a niche is it? I mean, it’s kinda vague, kinda broad.

But this year (2021) I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough.

My niche is now Social media support for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers.

When I think about it, it seems so chuffing obvious.

Now I have my niche sorted, it will be so much easier to plan ahead.

My plans for planning

This is how I’m gonna do it:

  1. Decide what I’m going to do and when from January 2022 to December 2022 (not mega detailed, just get it down)
  2. Split it into quarters and plan each in more detail prior to each quarter (based on my 12 month plan)
  3. Plan each month (in advance). This is what I do now already in 4-week blocks, and this is how:
    1. Week 1: plan all content (to be scheduled and posted natively)
    2. Week 2: create the imagery in Canva
    3. Week 3: write the content and schedule 
    4. Week 4: write the content and schedule

The next step for me is to decide when I’m going to sit down and start planning. 

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