When I’m scrolling through my Instagram I see a lot of VA and OBM accounts.

When I check out my connections on LinkedIn I see hundreds of VAs and OBMs.

The posts are always flowing in VA and OBM Facebook groups I’m in.

So I know you’re all on social media being ace.

But, maybe, possibly, are there a few things that you keep forgetting to do?

Be social

Yay! You have your social media set up, fab! You are posting consistently, amazing! You’re having conversations… wait, what? You’re not. 

You mean, you’re scheduling and running? 

You know that’s not what it’s about though right? 

Social media is all about being social. You HAVE to connect.

Social media can be a slow burner, it takes time to grow, to build relationships, because there are people behind the accounts and those people want to know you.

Solution: Make yourself known to others; like their posts, comment on their posts, react to their stories, DM them, share their posts. For best results show your support and nurture your community. Here’s a little task for you to do today (and schedule it in for every Friday if you want):

Limit your scrolling time

I saw a Reel by @thetwolauras stating that Social Media Managers scroll the equivalent of 2.5 marathons per year! My fingers are therefore very fit. I mean, it’s a lot.

The thing about this though is you need to make sure that your scrolling is worthwhile and beneficial to your business. Scrolling down a rabbit hole may be good fun at the time but if you’re supposed to be getting on with client work, it’s probably not the best decision you could make, right?

Solution: Set a timer to remind you when to check your socials. Set yourself a time limit or a task limit. Once you have come to the end of the time or completed your tasks, STOP! Put the phone down. Save your fingers for typing.

Show up (consistently)

Now this one seems kind of obvious but it’s surprising how many people I speak to who know they should be using social media but don’t like it, it doesn’t bring them joy, don’t enjoy it, don’t have time for it. This you?

So what happens, they ignore it, they post one one week and 3 times 2 weeks later. And they have a lot of posts that begin, ‘I haven’t posted for a while.’

Would you find that useful content? No, me neither.

Solution: Create a plan, and stick to it. In fact, create a couple of plans. Plan 1 for planning, creating and scheduling your social media over a 4 week timescale. Plan 2 for posting, knowing when is the best time for you to post to social, i.e. when your ideal clients are online.

As luck would have it, I have ways that can support you with all 3 of these and on levels that will suit you, your needs and your budget.