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I’ve had a couple of experiences recently where I ended up telling myself stories. And if I hadn’t done something specific then I would have totally spiralled.

I’m not going to go into details about what the experiences were, that’s not the important factor here. 

What to do if you’re telling yourself stories.

  1. I didn’t know the full details around an occurrence and because of this I started to tell myself stories.
  2. I recognised that I was starting to tell myself stories and took a step back to think about why I was doing this and what I could do instead.
  3. I employed self-mastery and gave myself a little bit of coaching to figure out why I was having these thoughts and what my next steps were.
  4. I took my next steps and I asked for clarification.

And after I asked the question, I received answers that weren’t at all consistent with the stories I had been making up in my head.


Now I know that this isn’t an email themed around social media, but I think it’s definitely something that we could all be aware of and subscribe to.

  • Stop telling yourself stories.
  • Ask yourself why you are having these thoughts.
  • Ask for clarification.

I guarantee you will be feeling more relieved and less stressed as a result.

PS I heard about the whole telling yourself stories thing from this Brene Brown talk. I thoroughly recommend you watch it because it’s incredibly eye opening.


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