Last weekend I spent Saturday afternoon updating one of my downloadable PDFs. The one with the awareness days on it.

To be honest, I wasn’t very happy with the one I had created previously. It did the job but it didn’t look great and I didn’t feel mega-boasty about it.

One thing that I didn’t do in the previous version was give the actual dates, just the month that the awareness days fell in. That may seem a bit odd but there was some method in my madness. 

You see, some awareness days fall on the same date every year (e.g. 1st January) whereas others may change date but be on the same day (e.g. 1st Sunday of April).

And I thought by leaving the dates out, the same download could be used each year. The user would have to check the dates by googling the awareness day or checking on a website such as 

But I felt bad about that, it wasn’t really as comprehensive as I wanted it to be. And really, it’s up to me to ensure that the download is enough for people to want to share their email address with me and that it adds value for them.

There’s no need for cutting corners really.

And now my Awareness Days Cheatsheet 2.0* has dropped. Or at least, I’ve replaced the previous one with the new one. 

The differences are:

  • There are dates
  • It’s specifically for 2021 
  • A few more awareness days have been added 
  • It looks much nicer

In fact I’m so happy with it, I’m going to share the link with you here

And that’s not all, I’m also going to share the link to my guide to Techniques to Identify Tasks to Outsource

Incidentally, they do look similar so be aware but between you and me I’m going to be removing the outsourcing download soon and will be replacing it with a fab new social media engagement plan!

*The cheat sheet has been removed but please get in touch if you would like a copy.


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