This six-week holiday was a busy mixture of updates, kids, work, no kids, family time, friends, fights  and Fortnite.

It looked a little bit like this:

Social media


  • Onboarded a new client, then client changed their mind
  • Had another new client sign up
  • Created and ran ads for a client
  • Covered annual leave for a client’s VA
  • Ticked off my to-dos in Asana and Trello
  • Set up an onboarding process
  • Worked on my mission, values and vision 
  • Joined in with a social media challenge
  • Experimented with my own social media
  • Created and scheduled evergreen content for social media
  • Contributed to the Mastermind I signed up for
  • Re-watched Facebook Ads training videos 


  • Celebrated a birthday
  • Broke up a few fights between the kids
  • Felt exhausted by the kids
  • Felt sad when the kids were away
  • Sent the kids to soccer camp
  • Watched films with the kids
  • Cuddled the kids
  • Visited family in Leeds
  • Visited family in Hull
  • Went on walks
  • Went to the park
  • Saw some animals
  • Watched loads of YouTube
  • Went out for tea 
  • Went to a family BBQ


  • Met up for a coffee #1
  • Met up for a coffee with the kids #2
  • Met up for a coffee with the kids and went to an art gallery and had lunch #3
  • Consoled a broken heart 
  • Laughed and talked
  • Went to a festival


  • Had some downtime
  • Watched some Netflix
  • Read some books 
  • Did more exercise

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but it does go to show that as much as the juggle is real, it is manageable (although when normal service resumes I’ll be glad).

How was your summer?


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